About NJHI

NJHI National Program Office

New Jersey Health Initiatives (NJHI) is a statewide grantmaking program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The NJHI program office is located on the Camden campus of Rutgers University. This program office is funded through a grant to the Rutgers Institute of Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.

New Jersey Health Initiatives supports advancement in health services delivery, improvement in health and the expansion of leadership expertise through grantmaking across the State of New Jersey. To meet the many health needs of our state's diverse populations, regions and communities, the NJHI program encourages improvement and collaboration in health service programs, delivery systems, provider arrangements and financing mechanisms.

NJHI's mission mirrors that of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in seeking to improve the health and health care of all New Jerseyans.



Responsive Grantmaking

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and NJHI support a broad range of community-based service demonstration projects. Projects funded through NJHI are generally three years in duration with proposals submitted annually through calls for proposals issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. NJHI is a competitive grants program.


Strategic Grantmaking

This NJHI program component emphasizes proactive grantmaking, with the first grants awarded in 2003. Nine grants awarded under the NJHI Workforce Agenda addressed shortages in two critical segments of the health care workforce: registered nurses in the hospital setting and paraprofessionals in long-term care institutions and home health care settings.

In June 2007, NJHI awarded its second cohort of strategic grants, focusing on disparities in care and health status for ethnic and cultural minorities in our state. Ten grants awarded under NJHI Expecting Success: Excellence in Cardiac Care concentrated on improving the quality of care provided at hospitals that serve a large number of minority patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

NJHI's current strategic grantmaking initiative supports projects that foster and ensure collaboration to conduct the community needs assessments and health improvement plans that are newly mandated for nonprofit hospitals under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Six grants were awarded under this initiative with the projects beginning on September 1, 2011. View these and all current NJHI projects on our "Projects" page.