Mercer County

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Housing Code Holds Key to Health

– Poor housing conditions carry a high social and economic cost for communities, and can lead to negative health consequences, especially for children. Trenton Health Team (THT) is working closely with the City of Trenton and Isles, Inc., an established community…


Community Work Groups Tackle Systems Change

– Trenton Health Team (THT) understands factors affecting health and well-being include the environment, economy, education, behavioral health, access to care, and safety and government policies. Our Communities Moving to Action grant enables THT to engage residents, patients and community leaders…


COVID-19 Adds Food Access Challenges

– Access to fresh, healthy, affordable food is a critical issue in Trenton. Decades of disinvestment have left much of the city a food desert and between 80-100% of residents in some neighborhoods have limited access to healthy food. This already…

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