2019 County Health Rankings Released for New Jersey

The University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) have released the 2019 County Health Rankings. The annual County Health Rankings show us where we live matters to how well and how long we live, and provide information on factors communities can do something about – such as housing, jobs, education, community safety, and more. While browsing the 2019 rankings for NJ, it’s important to remember all counties can take action to improve health, no matter where they rank. Everyone can benefit if we read beyond the numbers and find partnership opportunities with those already working to promote health equity throughout all 21 New Jersey counties.

This year’s County Health Rankings explore how severe housing costs tie to health. As the statewide grantmaking program of RWJF, NJHI is actively supporting more than 50 grantees and their community partners working to advance health equity. A number of the communities we currently support are focused on improving health through housing. Click on each project below to learn more:

Atlantic City
AC Collaborative
Care AC

Believe in a Healthy Newark

Perth Amboy
Community Action for Safe Housing
Healthier Perth Amboy

Building a Culture of Health in Census Tract 435

As New Jersey stakeholders continue to build a Culture of Health, we look forward to sharing our grantee communities’ successes and lessons in addition to learning about the strategies others are adopting. By highlighting where New Jersey communities are doing well and what works for health, the 2019 County Health Rankings and complementary Action Learning Guides are valuable resources for rallying all of us to build a healthier and more equitable Garden State.

View the 2019 Rankings
Browse the 2019 New Jersey State Report

Read news coverage from across New Jersey:
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New Jersey Herald/ Comstock, L. (2019, March 19)

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Cherry Hill Courier-Post/ Mulford, K., Diamond, M., and Deak, M. (2019, March 19)


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