Four Lessons Learned from School Nurses in New Jersey about Building a Culture of Health

“New Jersey school nurses have shown us that catalyzing changes to policies, systems, and environments can (and often do) begin with local actions,” writes NJHI Director Bob Atkins, PhD, RN, FAAN, in his latest article for the NASN School Nurse journal, Four Lessons Learned From School Nurses in New Jersey About Building a Culture of Health.

Sharing examples of school nurses across the state who are working beyond clinic walls, he offers this outline of the lessons learned:

  • Communities can’t travel upstream in a silo.
  • Seize opportunities to drive conversations.
  • Import innovations to address “upstream” challenges.
  • Share learning and achievements.

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Photo: School nurses and New Jersey School Health Leadership Fellows build a Culture of Health by working in and with the Camden community. (Credit: Robin Cogan)
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