Health Equity is Needed for All Children to Be Able to Succeed

Basketball superstar LeBron James continues to make offseason headlines. His I Promise School model recognizes that a child’s environment plays an important role in his or her success. A high IQ and personal initiative don’t mean students will excel in the classroom, especially if they don’t have support at home, don’t know where their next meal is coming from or don’t feel safe in their own neighborhood. James has opened the door to a much-needed broader conversation about health equity and the opportunity to be healthy.

NJHI Deputy Director of Programs Diane Hagerman explains in a commentary for the Philadelphia Inquirer, why NJHI is working with communities across New Jersey to remove economic and social obstacles and promote health and equity to build a Culture of Health where everyone can live a healthier life.

To read her full commentary, click here

To learn more about the Cape Regional Wellness Alliance’s work in Cape May County as referenced in the commentary, click here

Discover how NJHI is working with other communities across New Jersey to advance health equity here


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