Jobs for the Future Releases Analysis of NJHI’s New Paths to Professional Nursing Initiative

Camden, NJ (March 20, 2017) —The impending national nursing shortage is compounded by a need for nurses with higher skills and educational credentials. To address these challenges, Jobs for the Future has released the summative report of its work with NJHI’s New Paths to Professional Nursing grantees.

Growing Tomorrow’s Nursing Workforce: New Paths to Professional Nursing, highlights key learnings of the NJHI: New Paths to Professional Nursing initiative. From 2014 to 2016, NJHI funded five partnerships between New Jersey institutions of higher education and healthcare systems. The partnerships identified front-line health care workers as a solution to increasing the nursing workforce. Each partnership received two-year, $250,000 grants, which they applied toward reducing barriers for front-line health care workers to enter and complete a baccalaureate nursing program. As a result, more than 30 working students entering pre-nursing courses through NJHI: New Paths to Professional Nursing enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs as of fall 2016, or will enroll after completing prerequisite courses.

As part of NJHI’s support, all educational and employer partners received program technical assistance from Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit that builds educational and economic opportunity for underserved populations in the United States.

Read the final report here

Hear one front-line health care worker’s story and motivation for participating:

Explore the nuanced programs among the five NJHI: New Paths to Professional Nursing partnerships:

The NJHI: New Paths to Professional Nursing initiative helps build healthier communities across New Jersey by increasing career success among the state’s front-line health care workers, affecting patient care and community health, and building toward improved health outcomes for the entire household of the worker who advances their healthcare career.

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