Transportation Innovations to Build Healthier Communities

Which community partners should be engaged in the conversation of building healthier communities by addressing transportation needs for seniors who are living independently or aging in place?

Earlier this year in Princeton, regional transportation provider EZ Ride answered that question by convening community-based organizations, transportation providers, community health professionals, regional and urban planners and public health representatives from across New Jersey and throughout the region to explore the role of the public and private sectors in providing transportation services for older adults.

The “Transportation Innovations to Build Healthier Communities” symposium examined the challenges and opportunities in leveraging transportation services to advance community health. Participants attended sessions on Community Transportation Initiatives in New Jersey, Growing Older, Better: What’s Mobility Got to Do with It? and the Power of Partnerships, led by experts from the Community Transportation Association of America, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, NJ Transit, Essex County Special Transportation Services, the NJ Travel Independence Program at Rutgers University, Lyft, Uber, and GoGo Grandparent.

NJHI’s Bob Atkins Discusses the Value of Transportation Innovations Convening
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The symposium also included sessions such as Bridging the Digital Divide and Affordable Transportation, to expand the health conversation to impact community members of all ages.

Support for the “Transportation Innovations to Build Healthier Communities” symposium was provided by the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation and NJHI.

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