About NJHI

How can I stay up-to-date and in touch with NJHI?

Stay in touch by following NJHI on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for news about our grantees, funding initiatives, shared learning opportunities, and resources you can use in your work.

Are NJHI staff available to answer questions?

During the planning phase, please direct inquiries to Catherine Malone, Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, cmalone@rwjf.org or 609-627-5980.

Online Grantmaking System

Can I still access a proposal I submitted under a previous NJHI call for proposals?

Yes, you can log in to your home page of the MyRWJF portal at http://my.rwjf.org to view your proposal.

Other Support for Project

Can you suggest other possible funding sources for our project?

You may wish to contact Candid, a nonprofit organization founded from the 2019 merger of the Foundation Center and GuideStar, for other sources of funding. Their web site is http://candid.org.

Are there any other Robert Wood Johnson Foundation programs that may be appropriate for me?

Please visit the RWJF web site at www.rwjf.org. The Foundation has numerous national programs focusing on a diversity of issues focused on building a Culture of Health.