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Resources Developed by the NJHI: Next Generation Community Leaders

Atlantic City’s Lead A.C., 2018
A team of Atlantic City youth worked to improve access to healthy foods by partnering with local food banks and the Care AC coalition to create a better system for allocating food, developed the Feed AC app to promote distribution locations to Atlantic City residents.

Perth Amboy’s Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community, 2018
This team of Perth Amboy youth worked to address street and traffic safety in their community. They partnered with Rutgers University to complete traffic safety audits and address walkability to local parks to determine the best routes and locations for the Raritan Bay Area YMCA mobile farmers’ market, also known as the “Veggie Van.” Traffic Safety and Walkability Audit

Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders, 2018 and 2019
In partnership with the Secaucus Environmental Department’s Green Business Initiative, the school district and local businesses, the Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders worked to raise awareness about environmental health. They worked to create a composting system, completed audits of community parks, shared recommendations with City Councilmembers about necessary changes that can improve residents’ access to parks and promote increased physical activity by park visitors and developed a series of public service announcements to engage residents in this work.




Coalition for Community Schools Releases White Paper on Community Schools in New Jersey

– With funding from New Jersey Health Initiatives, the Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership has released a white paper discussing the state of community schools in New Jersey. This report presents the overall community schools movement across the country, provides a scan of the community school landscape in New Jersey, and discusses the capacity for community schools expansion in the state.

White Paper – The State of Community Schools in New Jersey

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