Do No Harm Guide: Applying Equity Awareness in Data Visualization

This guide from the Urban Institute identifies approaches for data communicators to present data through a diverse, equitable, and inclusive lens. Demonstrating how language and visual choices can affect how people perceive results, how change might be implemented and how that change will impact communities, the guidelines include recommendations such as:

  • Using people-first language,
  • Ordering labels purposefully to avoid reinforcing historical biases, and
  • Carefully considering colors, icons, and shapes to avoid exacerbating existing stereotypes.

Download the guide.
In addition, the Urban Wire blog post “Three Ways Gatekeepers Can Further Racial Equity Awareness in Research” highlights the role of government agencies, funders, and editors as gatekeepers in the data communication ecosystem and offers insights on how they can help promote more diverse, equitable, and inclusive research. Urban Wire is the blog of the Urban Institute.

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