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NJ Community Health Coalitions Searchable Database

– Managed by the New Jersey Prevention Network, the Coalitions Working Smarter Initiative is designed to promote synergistic opportunities throughout New Jersey and has created the New Jersey Community Health Coalitions Working Smarter Searchable Database, housing information of different types of coalitions working in all 21 counties in New Jersey. Search for coalitions throughout the state by geographic area or by focus area. Also, enter information about your coalition to join this broad network.

Click here to access the database.


Practical Playbook

– The Practical Playbook is a stepping stone in the next transformation of health, in which primary care and public health groups collaborate to achieve population health improvement and reduced health care costs. It supports increased collaborations between primary care and public health groups by guiding users through the stages of integrated population health improvement. Throughout each stage, the Practical Playbook provides helpful resources such as success stories from across the country, lessons-learned from existing partnerships, and further guidance from industry experts.

Click here to visit the Practical Playbook web site.

The Center for Health & Health Care in Schools

– This Web site combines information on the core issues that students, young and old, bring to school with guidance on organizational and financing challenges that health and education officials confront in building effective school health services and health promotion programs. The site also provides updates on other key issues such as the health needs of immigrant and refugee children, school drug testing, children’s health insurance, school lunches, HPV vaccinations, eating disorders, and scoliosis screenings.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

Comparing Health Care Quality: A National Directory

– RWJF recently completed an online directory that points the way to locating more than 200 local, state and national performance reports. The reports include information such as how providers delivered care, outcomes for patients, what patients said in surveys about their care experience and cost information. Click here to access the directory.

NJ Department of Education Releases Violence & Vandalism in Schools Report

– The NJ Department of Education recently released the Violence and Vandalism Report for the 2011-2012 school year. With last year’s enactment of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, the 2011-2012 school year represents the first full year of districts’ implementation and the separate reporting category for incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Access the report through the link below.

Violence and Vandalism in Schools Report

IHI How to Guides on Improving Transitions in Care

– The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) recently updated its how-to guides on improving transitions in care. Each of the guides was created and updated as part of the STAAR (STate Action on Avoidable Rehospitalizations) initiative, a partnership of IHI and The Commonwealth Fund. Additional materials developed under this initiative are also available at the link below.

How to Guides for Improving Transitions in Care

Learn More about IHI’s STARR Program

New Interactive Site: State Laws for School Snack Foods and Beverages

– A project of Bridging the Gap, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation providing research informing policies and practices for healthy youth, this site provides extensive data on laws for school snack foods and beverages for every state. From bans on soda in elementary schools to limits on the fat content of snacks in high schools, find out the latest data on New Jersey’s school policies here.

Click here to view the full State Laws for School Snack Foods and Beverages Site