Report: Understanding the Social Wellbeing Impacts of the Nation’s Libraries and Museums

This new study from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in partnership with Reinvestment Fund, examines the role of museums and libraries in promoting social wellbeing in communities across the United States. The multi-year, multi-market study found the presence and usage of public libraries and museums to be positively associated with multiple dimensions of social wellbeing—in particular, community health, school effectiveness, institutional connection and cultural opportunity. Highlights from the study include:

  • Libraries and museums are increasingly critical actors supporting social service provision in the communities they serve.
  • Libraries and museums are trusted institutions in their communities.
  • Libraries and museums can be catalysts in their communities to promote racial equity and inclusion. 

Read the full announcement and download the report.

This research is published in advance of the final community development tools and case studies and an evaluation that are part of the larger Community Catalyst Initiative. View updates about this initiative on the on the IMLS web site

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