Resources Recommended by NJHI Grantees and Partners

From articles to toolkits and more, the statewide learning network of NJHI partners and project directors occasionally share resources they have found and how these tools can support the work to build healthier and more equitable communities. Browse this compilation and connect with each community and project director to exchange ideas. 

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  • This COVID Surge Feels Different – The NYT Daily podcast
    “The New York Times has a podcast called ‘The Daily’ and this episode is all about Omicron and hospitals. The episode does an amazing job of explaining the stress of the Omicron variant on the medical system. It is really great storytelling that makes it so clear why, even if you’re not sick with COVID but you go to get your hip replaced and you have COVID, they still have to isolate you and the stress on hospital staff caused by all the surgeries that are being postponed. It just does a really good job of showing the snowball effect and how all of us are connected. It might be useful in helping us think through how we can communicate with people who might not understand that they are part of the community and that we are all tied together.” – Lynne Algrant, Vice President of Planning, Development and Communications, Greater Bergen Community Action and Project Director, COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Outreach Ambassador Initiative
Hammonton youth at a community event hosted by the Hammonton Health Coalition.

Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block
“This book is a great guide to build inclusive communities where we could all have a livelihood, raise our children, care for our health, and embrace the vulnerable. According to Block, the first and most pressing challenge is to transform people’s sense of isolation and self-interest into an experience of connectedness and caring for the whole. Creating that transformation requires a shift from seeing problems that need to be solved in the community to seeing possibilities that can be lived into.” – Ivette Guillermo-McGahee, Founder and Executive Director of Allies In Caring, Inc., and Project Director, Connecting the Dots for Better Health: Data, Community and Opportunities

  • Webinar recording: Exploring Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Identity and Health Equity – County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
    “This national webinar hosted by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps addressed populations that are often excluded in conversations about health equity. A key point of the webinar is that the Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander categories used to collect much of the data in our country is a construct. There is so much diversity within the groups that have been lumped together in these broad categories, and this has masked some real health disparities in local communities. If community practitioners don’t see the differences by disaggregating the data, they could very well be unintentionally contributing to inequities in their communities. Another webinar key takeaway was that U.S. policies and practices have not only perpetuated harmful stereotypes about Asian Americans, but they have also intentionally pitted Asian American and Black communities against one another. I encourage anyone who is working on equity in the public or community health realm to watch the webinar recording.” – Joanne Lee, Healthy Places by Design Collaborative Learning Director

    Click here to check out Healthy Places by Design’s interview with Joanne Lee about this important topic.

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