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Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Trenton
Trenton Health Team
Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Trenton
Trenton Health Team
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The Trenton Health Team is leading this two-year project to increase cross-sector data sharing and geo-mapping to accelerate lead abatement efforts in New Jersey’s capital. The Trenton Health Team is partnering with Isles, Inc., in this work to build a healthier community. By the end of this project, they will have linked clinical records and geo-mapped information in a manner that respects patient privacy and HIPAA regulations and developed custom dashboards to identify issues, trends, and “hotspots” for action. In addition, the Trenton Health Team will have shared the data with health care providers, local agencies and community members to facilitate integrated in-home interventions. At a broader level, other communities will be able to replicate this model to address additional health issues created by substandard housing, including respiratory conditions, trip and fall hazards, and fire safety.

Accelerating Action for a Healthy Trenton
Grant Recipient

Gregory Paulson
Executive Director
(609) 256-4555 x188

Peter Rose
Managing Director, Community Enterprises
(609) 341-4731

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