Helping small communities improve health for all through cross-sector collaboration
Holly City Development Corporation
Helping small communities improve health for all through cross-sector collaboration
Holly City Development Corporation
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The Holly City Development Corporation is leading the two-year, Addressing Community Food Insecurity project, which aims to address Millville residents’ immediate need for affordable, fresh food while also developing long-term solutions for equitable access to healthier foods. In this community of 28,000 residents, 75% of them have limited access to nutritious foods. In addition, the Millville community’s existing supermarkets operate in inconvenient locations for households that do not have access to reliable transportation. Data from the City of Millville, Millville Public Schools, Millville Public Library, the Cumberland County Health Department, City Health Dashboard, PolicyMap, and other partners and agencies, are informing the Millville community team’s work. The cross-sector coalition is hosting pop-up pantries and educational programming to engage residents and connect them with healthy food options and existing resources. The community team is also working to expand its community partnerships to include local farmers and grocery stores. By the end of this project, the coalition partners will have advanced health equity by collaborating across sectors and making better use of data to inform decisions that can improve the health of everyone in Millville. Through this project, Millville is one of 10 New Jersey communities to receive a suite of tools that include a community data dashboard developed by City Health Dashboard. Click here to view the City Health Dashboard for this community.

Addressing Community Food Insecurity
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Heather Santoro
Executive Director
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Lisa Romano
Community Builder
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Millville is one of 10 New Jersey communities supported through the NJHI: Small Communities Forging Hyperlocal Data Collaboratives initiative. Meet the 10 South Jersey communities and hear partners such as school districts, residents, libraries, non-profit organizations, health care, arts and culture, and others share their aspirations for improving health for everyone.

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