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Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Irvington.
Township of Irvington
Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Irvington.
Township of Irvington
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In 2015, the Irvington Health Department, local organizations and community stakeholders determined that a more effective approach to improving the quality of life for residents involved the formation of the Irvington Health Coalition. As a Coalition, members aimed to utilize data to support the development of future initiatives, which would target the primary health concerns within the Township. Due to the fact that large scale data specific to Irvington Township was not readily available, the Coalition mainly utilized data associated with Essex County. Preliminary research collected from resources associated with County Health Rankings and existing public data, indicated that the prevalence of environmental hazards, obesity, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, unemployment, and low family and social support are primary areas of local concern. These concerns will be addressed as outlined in the Blueprint for Action.

Addressing Social and Economic Factors Toward Building a Culture of Health
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Dr. Monique Griffith
Director, Health Department
(973) 399-6647

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The Irvington coalition represents one of the 10 New Jersey communities supported in the first round of the NJHI: Communities Moving to Action initiative. View this coalition’s progress toward a healthier Irvington and a healthier Garden State.

Irvington Health Coalition Blueprint for Action

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