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Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook
Somerset Healthcare Foundation
Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook
Somerset Healthcare Foundation
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Local organizations and community stakeholders from Bound Brook’s and South Bound Brook’s health, education, business and not-for-profit sectors determined that a more effective approach to advancing health in their communities involved the formation of the Building Bridges to Health coalition. While the annual County Health Rankings point to Somerset County as one of the top three healthiest counties in New Jersey, the Coalition found that county-level statistics do not accurately reflect the characteristics, health factors and health outcomes of the smaller communities of Bound Brook and South Bound Brook. Surveying community members to inform its Blueprint, the Coalition identified that addressing the built environment, and particularly access to transportation, presents an opportunity to impact community health. The Coalition’s Blueprint also outlines next steps for expanded school-based programming, and partnering with trusted local organizations to develop programming for children, families and older adults that promotes wellness. Scroll down to access Building Bridges to Health’s Blueprint.

Building Bridges to Health
Grant Recipient

Serena Collado
Director, Community Health
(908) 203-5990

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The Bound Brook and South Bound Brook coalition represents one of 20 New Jersey communities supported through the NJHI: Communities Moving to Action initiative. View this coalition’s early successes toward a healthier Bound Brook and South Bound Brook and a healthier Garden State.

Building Bridges to Health’s Blueprint for Action

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