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Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Newark
Ironbound Community Corporation
Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Newark
Ironbound Community Corporation
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Ironbound Community Corporation is leading this two-year project to increase civic engagement among residents of Newark’s East Ward through a tenants’ rights approach that supports community members in focusing on housing affordability and potential displacement, the built environment that surrounds their housing developments, and housing conditions that are known to impact health. Specifically, this project focuses on engaging the residents of three public housing sites –Terrell Homes, Pennington Court and Hyatt Court — and the privately-owned, publicly-subsidized housing sites Aspen River Park Apartments, Pacific Apartments, and Pueblo City Housing. In addition, these community members are participating in leadership development activities and building trust with community partners such as Essex-Newark Legal Services, the Rutgers Center for Environmental Exposure and Disease, the Newark Environmental Commission, the Newark Water Coalition and the Office of the Mayor for the City of Newark. Through this project, the Greater Newark HUD Tenants’ Coalition is cultivating resident leaders in each apartment building and equipping them with the resources and skills to advocate for a healthier East Ward, creating a model for other communities to replicate.

Cultivating Tenant Leadership for Community Health in Newark
Grant Recipient

Drew Curtis
Senior Equitable Development Manager
(973) 817-7013 x207

Nancy Zak
Director of Community Outreach
(973) 817-7013 x221

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