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Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Hammonton
Allies in Caring, Inc.
Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Hammonton
Allies in Caring, Inc.
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Allies In Caring is leading a two-year project to address the Adverse Childhood Experience of poverty by building on the assets that are already found in Hammonton, and mobilizing individuals, associations, and institutions to come together and create a “Culture of Inclusion.” Hammonton is home to families struggling to get by. Poverty can undermine students’ school behavior and performance, burden families with increased risks for opioid use, obesity, and other factors known to influence health. Yet, Hammonton is also on the rise, with economic growth and a wealth of health initiatives, community-building events, and recreational and educational activities. These opportunities can help residents feel a sense of belonging in the broader community, become engaged community members, develop supportive networks, adopt healthier behaviors and gain useful information. Latinos, among other groups, are not often engaged in these current opportunities. The intent of this project is to create a “Culture of Inclusion” in Hammonton that engages the disengaged and restores a sense of connectedness, beginning with the Latino community. Allies In Caring and its partners will work to ensure that everyone makes the most of all the opportunities available in Hammonton. Allies In Caring and its community partners believe that the most powerful strategy for improving health, well-being, safety, and raising healthy and productive children in Hammonton is to restore trust, build relationships, discover the gifts within every community member, and create opportunities to offer mutual support.

Hammonton Health Coalition – Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Health
Grant Recipient

Ivette Guillermo-McGahee
Executive Director
(609) 561-8400

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