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Preparing the next generation of civic and community leaders to build healthier communities
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County
Preparing the next generation of civic and community leaders to build healthier communities
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County
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The Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth County is leading this one-year project focused on building a healthier Asbury Park by cultivating its future leaders. A team of 15 youth ages 13-18 are receiving guidance from trained community-based coaches to better understand topics around population health, develop leadership skills and implement a self-designed project to improve health in their community. Youth participants are being recruited from all niches of the Asbury Park and Neptune communities, and include those who may not always be engaged in leadership opportunities but display the potential to be future leaders. By the end of this project, the youth participants will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to work with municipal governments, cross-sector coalitions focused on health, school boards, and other organizations to build healthier and more vibrant communities. The youth will also participate in the NJHI: Next Generation Community Leaders statewide alumni network to stay connected to their peers as they continue on their leadership paths and move into the next phases of their lives. To advance this work in Asbury Park, the Boys & Girls Clubs will partner with the NJHI-funded Building a Healthier Asbury Park Coalition to give youth participants the opportunity to engage with community service providers to improve a community-wide health issue.

The Asbury Park team is addressing summer hunger by opening at least one new feeding site within the community. Follow the team’s progress on Twitter, plus

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  • Get a statewide view of this work, and connect with the nearest team at #NJLeaders2030.
Keystone Community Leaders Club
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Daniel Rivera
Unit Director, Asbury Park
(732) 775-7862

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Asbury Park Sets Out on Ambitious Program to Improve Health
Asbury Park Press/Diamond, M. (2018, January 16).


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