Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier North Bergen
NCADD of Hudson County/Partners in Prevention
Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier North Bergen
NCADD of Hudson County/Partners in Prevention
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Partners in Prevention (formerly the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Hudson County) led this two-year project to lessen the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on North Bergen youth through increased family access to resources, the implementation of needed support services, and working with the municipal leadership to strengthen local policies and practices. NCADD Hudson/Partners in Prevention partnered with the North Bergen Municipal Alliance to build a healthier community. Through this project, the Alliance has implemented the evidence-based Rainbow Days school curriculum developed for students 10-17 years old. With approval from the North Bergen Board of Education, trained school counselors have introduced the Rainbow Days community-based support group curriculum to North Bergen Middle School and High School students. The Alliance’s school and law enforcement partners have collaborated to implement the Handle with Care program to support students during the school day who experience a traumatic event off school grounds or outside of school hours. In addition, the Alliance assessed community needs and engaged parents and families in this work.

North Bergen Municipal Alliance Upstream Action Acceleration
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Yaisa Coronado
Associate Executive Director
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Doug Bratton
Executive Director
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