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Developing paths to professional nursing careers for underrepresented populations.
Camden County College
Developing paths to professional nursing careers for underrepresented populations.
Camden County College
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Through Project OPEN, Camden County College provided a pathway for health paraprofessionals from disadvantaged backgrounds working at Cooper University Health Care to complete the pre-Nursing Associates in Science and be accepted into a BS in Nursing program. Project OPEN increased the potential for academic success for 16 to 20 individuals who came from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve the diversity of the nursing workforce and meet the increasing need for culturally sensitive and quality health care in Camden City. Inherent in this project was the integration of academic, social and personal support that would provide student participants with a structure that could be personalized to their unique needs and designed to enhance their potential for academic success. Project OPEN used a multi-dimensional approach that focused on: 1) a pre-entry preparation program for newly admitted students; 2) a retention program for enrolled disadvantaged students; and 3) stipend or scholarship support for disadvantaged students.

Project OPEN: Opportunity for Paraprofessionals to Enter Nursing
Grant Recipient
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Audrey Brooks, DNP, RN
Director of Nursing Programs

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(2017 March 20)

Atkins, Robert L., Erik Juan Estrada, Diane Hagerman, Milton R. Ellis, Randall Wilson, and Patricia Maguire. “Innovations_to Support Frontline Health Care.” Nursing Education Perspectives 37.6 (2016): 347-48.

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