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Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Elizabeth
The Gateway Family YMCA
Implementing upstream approaches to build a healthier Elizabeth
The Gateway Family YMCA
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The Gateway Family YMCA (TGFYMCA) is leading this two-year project to advance civic engagement in Elizabeth through solicitations for Neighborhood Project stipends and strategic Play Streets programming to increase utilization of existing parks. In addition, TGFYMCA is working to increase data sharing among its partner organizations through a common system. The Gateway Family YMCA and its key partners in the Shaping Elizabeth coalition, including the City of Elizabeth, Trinitas Regional Medical Center, the Housing Authority City of Elizabeth, Elizabeth Public Schools, the Community Food Bank, the Elizabeth Public Library, Groundwork Elizabeth and Rutgers Cooperative Extension, have identified these priorities through their ongoing efforts to improve community health. Through this project, Shaping Elizabeth is equipping its partners and community members with the tools and skills to have their voices heard by local, county and state policy makers.

Pulling Together: All Voices Heard and Count!
Grant Recipient
The Gateway Family YMCA

Alane McCahey
Senior Director of Community Initiatives
(908) 349-9622

Michael Johnson
Director of Strategic Initiatives
(908) 249-4809

Corey Wu-Jung
Project Co-Director
(908) 578-3005

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