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Developing paths to professional nursing careers for underrepresented populations.
Rutgers University - Camden
Developing paths to professional nursing careers for underrepresented populations.
Rutgers University - Camden
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The Rutgers – Camden/ Cooper Collaborative for Upward Mobility in Nursing (RCC ColUMN) is a partnership between the Rutgers School of Nursing – Camden (SNC) and Cooper University Hospital to create a pipeline program that enabled working healthcare paraprofessionals from underrepresented populations to access baccalaureate nursing education. An initial cohort of 10 unlicensed assistive personnel employed at Cooper University Hospital were recruited for this pilot program. Key components of the program included: 1) a one-year college preparatory curriculum consisting of weekly seminars on skills for academic success and refresher courses in English, math, and the life sciences; 2) assignment of baccalaureate nurse mentors at the workplace; 3) a nursing education navigator, who served as an educational case manager and linked students to resources and supports available in both the academic and work setting; 4) structured academic support during the students’ launch into Rutgers Camden to complete the first year of the SNC baccalaureate curriculum; and 5) tuition support and stipends over the two-year grant period to cover selected personal expenses that can often be a barrier to seeking advanced education .

Rutgers – Camden/Cooper Collaborative for Upward Mobility in Nursing (RCC ColUMN)
Grant Recipient

Joanne Robinson, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, FAAN
Dean & Professor

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Nursing Graduate Grateful for Grant Program that Supported Her Studies at Rutgers–Camden
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First Atlantic County Food Summit Draws State, Local Experts.
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