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Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Toms River
Ocean County YMCA
Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Toms River
Ocean County YMCA
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Local organizations and community stakeholders from Toms River’s health, education, business and not-for-profit sectors determined that a more effective approach to advancing health in their community involved establishing the Toms River Family Health & Support Coalition. In working to identify the greatest health impact areas in the community, the leadership team has prioritized four critical areas of focus: Nutritious Food Connections, Senior Isolation, Substance Abuse and Youth Emotional Wellness. The Coalition’s Blueprint details key community partners and strategies to advance its mission to “make Toms River the healthiest community in New Jersey.” Scroll down to access the coalition’s Blueprint.

The Toms River Family Health & Support Coalition
Grant Recipient

Peter Rosario
Project Director
(732) 341-9622

Heather Barberi
Project Co-Director
(732) 244-4010

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The Toms River coalition represents one of 20 New Jersey communities supported through the NJHI: Communities Moving to Action initiative. View this coalition’s early successes toward a healthier Toms River and a healthier Garden State.

Toms River Family Health & Support Coalition’s Blueprint for Action

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