Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Trenton.
Trenton Health Team
Collaborating for long-term healthy living in Trenton.
Trenton Health Team
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New Jersey’s capital city has made strides toward health equity, earning the community a finalist placement in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2016 Culture of Health Prize. Partners such as the Trenton Health Team and its Community Advisory Board, The College of NJ–Trenton, Friendship Baptist Church, Isles, the City of Trenton, and the Trenton Neighborhood Restoration Campaign have united as the Healthy Trenton coalition, building the capacity to extend and expand the community’s transformation. The Blueprint for Action offers a strategy for streamlining resources and conversations. In 2015, the Trenton Health Team updated a county-level Community Health Needs Assessment. Their findings note that Trenton residents are more concerned about immediate barriers to health, such as safety and food access, than longer-term health issues such as chronic disease. External perceptions of Trenton and diminishing neighborhood cohesion also exacerbate the issue of health equity.

An essential framework within the Healthy Trenton coalition’s Blueprint is to incorporate health considerations into the city’s Master Plan for the first time ever.

Trenton Healthy Food Network – Growing a Healthier Trenton
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Healthy Trenton’s Blueprint for Action

Trenton Health Team Offers Free Cancer Screenings for Month of January
The Trentonian/ Parker, L.A. (2020, January 22).

NJHI grantee, the YMCA of Trenton, engages community partners for a healthier Trenton – piquing the interest of NJTV producers for the new “In Your Neighborhood” series. View this entire hourlong program highlighting the Trenton community, or watch the YMCA of Trenton’s interview beginning at 35:26.

In Your Neighborhood: Trenton.
NJTV. (2017, June 29).

The City of Trenton continues to build a healthier community. In 2016, the City of Trenton was a finalist for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Prize. Watch the video entry submitted by the Trenton Health Team, a lead partner in the Live Healthy Trenton coalition.

The Trenton coalition represents one of the 10 New Jersey communities supported in the first round of the NJHI: Communities Moving to Action initiative. View this coalition’s progress toward a healthier Trenton and a healthier Garden State.

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