Helping small communities improve health for all through cross-sector collaboration
Borough of Lawnside
Helping small communities improve health for all through cross-sector collaboration
Borough of Lawnside
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The Borough of Lawnside is leading this two-year, Young at Heart Intergenerational Program, which aims to establish the Borough as an age-friendly community by connecting residents across generations and engaging youth as community health partners. Twenty-three percent of Lawnside’s approximately 3000 residents are 65-years-old and older, and nearly eight percent of residents are between 18 and 24 years old. A cross-sector coalition of community partners have identified discrimination against seniors, housing, and income as focus areas for their work. Guided by data and information from City Health Dashboard, school district, faith-based and law enforcement partners, the Lawnside community team is working to engage particular age groups and create a plan to establish a welcoming space for all residents. In addition, they are developing a community work group of seniors and youth, and paid opportunities for youth. By the end of this project, the coalition partners will have advanced health equity by collaborating across sectors and making better use of data to inform decisions that can improve the health of everyone in Lawnside. Through this project, Lawnside is one of 10 New Jersey communities to receive a suite of tools that include a community data dashboard developed by City Health Dashboard. Click here to view the City Health Dashboard for this community.

Young at Heart Intergenerational Program
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Sean Smith
Borough Engineer
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Algiers Holmes
Board Secretary
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