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Prioritizing for Policy

– Coalition leadership from six separate housing sites in the East Ward of Newark began the process of meeting to help identify shared health and housing issues tenants face at their respective homes. By creating a safe space to discuss how…


Learning from Newark Residents on Healthy Homes

– Often, population health initiatives face a data gap – the connection between the numbers and the people representing those numbers. For example, broad health data like the rates of lead poisoning, asthma and obesity give a snapshot of a community’s…


Building a Culture of Health in Newark Conference

– In the fall, the “Believe in a Healthy Newark Initiative” hosted its inaugural “Building a Culture of Health in Newark” conference at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, NJ. More than 375 people attended the conference. Research…


Healthy Homes Neighborhood Pilot

– The Believe in a Healthy Newark coalition’s Healthy Homes Impact Team seeks to increase the number of “Healthy Homes” in our community, meaning homes that support the well-being of families and that are free of health hazards, specifically asthma triggers…


Why Food and Fitness Matter

– Eugene, one of my employees, stopped by my office to chat about his mother’s recent health scare. She had a stroke during the winter and was previously in a diabetic coma. Yesterday, a nutritionist visited Eugene and his mother at…


A Journey of Hope, Healing and Justice

– As Executive Director of Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center, I saw firsthand the prevalence and pain of bad things happening to our most vulnerable children.  Each year, hundreds of children would come to us because they suffered sexual or physical abuse…

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