A Snowball Effect of Change

NJHI 2017: Next Generation Community Leaders Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders
Alyssa speaking with Councilman Clancy about making green policy changes in Secaucus.

My name is Alyssa Jaipersaud and I was a part of the Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders (NGCL) summer 2018 initiative. Over the summer we requested policy changes to create a food waste program with the help of our local elected officials. This opportunity allowed me to see firsthand, how within a short period of time students were able to implement changes in a community. I learned that there are a lot of easy tasks that can be done in our lives to become more eco-friendly. One of our main initiatives was learning about composting. We informed local businesses on the benefits of composting and approving an all-green policy that will help the environment. By speaking our minds, and presenting facts to those that would listen, we convinced them to adopt the changes.

I am excited that I can share my experience so we can work together to create sustainable changes in our hometown.

This school year the NGCL group has been working hard to plan their healthy community change that will take place during the summer of 2019. By being one of just 10 communities participating in this program, our new group understands how important this project is, and the lasting effects of it. I am extremely excited that I can share my experience with them so we can work together to create sustainable changes in our hometown. This group is hardworking and dedicated to the future of Secaucus and our program, which is going to make for a great year.

Young people in New Jersey should get involved with making differences in their communities. The youth can bring a new type of perspective because we are constantly learning. Youth will learn how to interact with businesses, residents and officials within their community. It is an exciting project and you learn that every little bit you contribute to helping your community leads to a better one. Engaged youth also get the chance to create new friendships and meet new people throughout the program. By helping your community, you create a snowball effect of change that will eventually change the world.

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Alyssa Jaipersaud
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