Bringing It ‘All In!’ for Pleasantville Youth and Their Parents

NJHI 2020: Small Communities Forging Hyperlocal Data Collaboratives Pleasantville “All In!”
The Pleasantville Public School district is a community partner in the Pleasantville ‘All In!’ collaborative working to improve health. In December 2021, the collaborative will present in-person workshops for Pleasantville High School and Middle School students and their parents to learn about the common application tests that colleges, trade schools and prospective employers administer to applicants, such as the SAT and ACT exams.

Together with its partner Flow Academics, the Pleasantville ‘All In!’ community Dream Team is planning two “So You Think You Want to Go to College?” informational sessions for middle school and high school students and their parents. One session will accommodate 10 students from the Middle School of Pleasantville and the other will focus on students from Pleasantville High School. While the title of these December sessions might change, both of them will be held in-person.

In each session, youth and their families will gain insights about the common application tests that colleges, trade schools and prospective employers administer to applicants. Participants will also have an opportunity to register for SAT and ACT-specific preparation workshops designed to build their study skills to achieve quality scores. We know that providing these workshops and other supports to youth and young adults in our community can increase their access to employment and educational opportunities that promote health and well-being.

Our community Dream Team began this work at the height of the pandemic and have relied on virtual tools to collaborate to improve health for everyone. These December informational sessions will be the Pleasantville ‘All In!’ coalition’s first in-person events since receiving funding to do this work. Representatives from the Pleasantville ‘All In!’ partners will also be present at both sessions to answer questions about our work, mission and vision for our community and to hear ideas and gather input from Pleasantville youth and adults.

Learn more about the community health priorities that are a focus of our work and connect with our project directors to exchange ideas and best practices.

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Fran Wise