Collaboration Takes Root in Millville’s Community Garden

NJHI 2020: Small Communities Forging Hyperlocal Data Collaboratives Addressing Community Food Insecurity

Here at the Holly City Development Corporation, our community garden is one of our best projects to date. We take pride in our garden, and it is all possible with the help of our partners! The purpose of our garden is to teach Millville’s youth fun gardening skills while giving back fresh produce to our community. We are growing strawberries, blueberries, herbs, collard greens, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes this season, in addition to flowers.

One of our valuable partners in this effort is Impact Harvest. They have helped us get our garden started from the ground up during the past few years. This year, they are leading a 10-week program for the youth of the community each Saturday during the summer. During this program, the kids will learn how to grow their own produce, maintain a garden, and participate in garden-centered activities.

We are also partnered with the Millville Senior High School Environmental Science teachers, Michael LaTorre and Darren Carr. Michael and Darren run the high school’s greenhouse where their students helped grow our vegetables from seed under the guidance of their teachers. Read more about their students’ participation.

Espoma has also donated a generous amount of organic soul and fertilizer to our garden!

We are excited about summer!

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Jaclyn Smith
Holly City Development Corporation