Community Garden Dedication in Bound Brook

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Dedication of Bound Brook community garden
From left to right: Councilwoman Liz Jannuzzi, Councilman Brad Galeta, Diana Romero, Jeremy Troiano, Borough Administrator Hector Herrera, Councilman Tony Pranzatelli, Jenn Mikson, Mayor Bob Fazen, Lesa Mellman, Council President Abel Gomez, Bev Pranzatelli, Mary Swarbrick, Councilman Rob Dixon

Earlier this year, the new community garden in Bound Brook was dedicated. The garden committee, headed by former Councilmember Bev Pranzatelli, was happy to share their accomplishment with the town leadership.

It took about a year of preparation to get to this point. First, a group of interested residents formed a garden committee. They selected the garden site, in the underutilized Rock Machine Park at the corner of West Main Street and Vosseller Avenue. They used grant funds to purchase the materials for fencing, which was installed by the borough as an in-kind contribution.

They readied the garden in time for the 2019 planting season! We watched it spring to life as residents came together to plant, tend, and harvest their crops. It also serves as an example for South Bound Brook, where they are starting their own community garden planning process.

Bound Brook Community Garden
Bound Brook Community Garden

The new garden inspired the Student Ambassadors for Community Health, who are part of the Next Generation Community Leaders initiative. Their NJHI-funded project is being led by Somerset County 4-H and Middle Earth, members of our “Building Bridges to Better Health” leadership team.

This year’s youth cohort developed their own project to improve Rock Machine Park, building on the garden’s success. They worked with community members to beautify the park, install benches, and build a “storybook trail” with giant butterfly statues leading residents to the park. We share the youth team’s hope it will become a destination for people of all ages, improving walkability and sense of community.

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Tiffany Neal
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