Community Synergy

NJHI 2016: Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey – Communities Moving to Action, Round 2 Healthier Perth Amboy

After weeks of deliberation, leaders of Healthier Perth Amboy’s six smaller work groups have determined that we are stronger and our work is more effective when bound together. With this decision, the six work groups have unified into three larger groups, and are collaborating to reach an ultimate goal of improving the overall health literacy of Perth Amboy. Our coalition’s three overarching work groups are now: Employee Wellness, Healthcare & Schools, and Community.

The Employee Wellness work group focuses on implementing and maintaining policy programs that will benefit the mental and physical health of all who work in the city. The Healthcare & Schools work group focuses on improving health literacy and increasing the accessibility and quality of available health literacy tools, along with providing safe and healthy opportunities through home-care, public schools, healthcare centers and childcare. The Community work group focuses on environmental change policies, human capital, and community connectivity to increase healthy prospects for all Perth Amboy residents.

Many organizations within the city have already taken steps toward building a healthier Perth Amboy. An inventory of community assets and resources related to the health of Perth Amboy’s students, parents, patients, and employees has recently been completed. Our work groups will determine the best course of action to support and build upon these efforts. The Healthier Perth Amboy movement will coordinate, promote and support groups such as SWIM, Sustainable Perth Amboy, and the Green Collaborative. These groups and organizations will continue to host meetings to work on their individual projects and accomplish their unique goals. Furthermore, they will continue to track their progress and overall influence on the health and well-being of Perth Amboy residents. If you have particular interest in one of our three redesigned work groups, reach out to the Healthier Perth Amboy coalition to partner in our work.

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Rebecca Pauley
Raritan Bay Area YMCA Better Together-Perth Amboy a HEALTHY Place to Live, Work and Play