Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Hammonton

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Since establishing the Hammonton Health Coalition (HHC), one goal has been to increase the voice of underrepresented groups within the town government. After several years of dialogue with town officials and community members, the Hammonton Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was created by the Town Council in April 2021. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance and to further strengthen Hammonton as a welcoming, exceptional place to live, work and grow. The Committee celebrates the cultural heritage and backgrounds of our residents while seeking to raise awareness, foster respect, learn from each other, be inclusive and together create a warm, welcoming hometown for all our community members.

The Hammonton Health Coalition presented this idea to the town, and stakeholders and the HHC Community Connectors have been involved in developing the scope and purpose of the Committee since the concept was generated. Four representatives from the HHC will also serve on the Committee. The formation of this committee is a significant achievement for the Hammonton Health Coalition, and we hope that it will advance the goal of creating more inclusive and equitable spaces and community discussions in Hammonton.

The HHC Community Connectors continue to participate in town events and conduct outreach activities focused on the Latino community. In collaboration with other organizations, they have been connecting residents to resources and information about COVID-19 vaccines and helping people to schedule their appointments. In addition, they continue to coordinate food donations and distributions to families in need, and are organizing the Hispanic Leadership Scholarship Program for a second year to award scholarships to graduating high school students in town. Members of the coalition have also been participating in a retreat to set goals for the future to ensure our work is focused on the community’s needs and fully takes advantage of, and uses the assets and gifts of the Hammonton community. It has been three years of arduous work with the Hammonton community, with significant progress visible in the creation of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and the recurring campaigns and activities to benefit the overall well-being of the town. Connect with us to gain ideas for your community, or to partner in building a healthier Hammonton.

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Ivette Guillermo-McGahee
Allies in Caring, Inc.