Forming, Storming, and Norming Healthy Initiatives

NJHI 2017: Next Generation Community Leaders Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community

The third cohort of Perth Amboy’s Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community has decided to work on city beautification and inform residents about the dangers of carbon monoxide exposure for their summer action plan. Since choosing these community priorities, the Emerging Leaders have begun to develop their summer project.

To determine their areas of focus, the Emerging Leaders welcomed guest speakers Lisett Lebron, Perth Amboy Redevelopment Team for Neighborhood Enterprise and Revitalization Program Manager, and Kenneth Ortiz, City of Perth Amboy Department of Human Services Director. These prominent community members shared their knowledge on carbon monoxide exposure and city beautification initiatives during the team’s February 2020 meeting.

In the meeting, the Emerging Leaders learned that about one to two Perth Amboy families each month become displaced due to carbon monoxide leaks. In a recent incident in Perth Amboy, a few families ignored their carbon monoxide detectors and didn’t follow protocols for a carbon monoxide leak. As a result, they were exposed to 100 times the amount of carbon monoxide than is considered safe for humans. Upon learning these facts, the Emerging Leaders realized they could have an impact on their community by educating Perth Amboy residents on the dangers of carbon monoxide.

In addition, the Emerging Leaders learned about beautification and revitalization projects the City of Perth Amboy is considering for implementation, and about local artists who could potentially partner in this work by creating murals throughout the community.

The Emerging Leaders are currently contacting stakeholders who might support their summer initiatives and are eager to partner with their team make Perth Amboy a healthier community. To see what the Emerging Leaders of Perth Amboy develop for their summer initiative, follow the team on Instagram at ngclperthamboy!

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Janelle Sonsiadek
Jewish Renaissance Foundation