Going Green And Looking Good

NJHI 2017: Next Generation Community Leaders Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders

The Secaucus Next Generation Community Leaders (NGCL) are committed to positively impacting their hometown. As teen leaders in our community, we have noticed some issues that are barriers to health for residents. The most prominent concerns are peer pressure, safety, lack of motivation, time management, and in some cases, indifference.

To address these issues we will be working on a few different projects. First, we will collaborate with the Secaucus Environmental Department to earn a high grade through the Sustainable New Jersey framework. At one team meeting, we worked to create posters that educate the community about and promote recycling irregular materials such as batteries, markers and highlighters.

We are also working to develop a Sustainable Fashion workshop that we will present at the Secaucus Annual Green Festival. For this project, we have begun to research eco-friendly fashion projects and potential donors. In addition, we have developed an action plan to determine the best information to provide at our festival booth.

If you want to keep up with what we are doing follow us on Instagram at @NGCLSecaucus.

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Alyssa Jaipersaud
Partners in Prevention