Hammonton Health Coalition Brings a Community Together

NJHI 2018: Upstream Action Acceleration Hammonton Health Coalition - Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Health

The Hammonton Health Coalition is dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion by creating sustainable policies and systems that mobilize community assets to promote inclusion, and create positive experiences and supportive relationships for all Hammonton residents. One of our initial focus areas is to provide support allowing individuals to withstand or recover from adverse experiences. We are committed to a better Hammonton, NJ, and are working hard to make it a reality.

To kick off our work, we held a “Hammonton Health Coalition Mixer” in the spring, with the intent of creating a safe space for community members to come together, share ideas, and learn more about the coalition and how they can become involved in our mission to cultivate inclusion and opportunity for everyone in Hammonton, NJ. We are working to identify Community Connectors — residents who are willing to help us foster relationships and strengthen our ties in the community.

As one approach for cultivating inclusion, we advertised our event in English and Spanish on Facebook. We made sure to have an official translator to bridge gaps in participation for community members who are bilingual. It was a great success! We were happy to see so many people from different walks of life come together toward a common goal. We had honest, open, and safe discussions about a variety of topics that are important to attendees. At the conclusion of the event, the community expressed a common sentiment – they felt a “sense of connection,” and “willingness to look past differences,” to strengthen opportunities for everyone in the community.

The community expressed a common sentiment – they felt a ‘sense of connection,’ and ‘willingness to look past differences,’ to strengthen opportunities for everyone in the community.

We have planted the first seed and are committed to seeing more events sprout from this gathering. We know that we have a long road ahead, and our mission may not be fully realized within a two-year timeframe. However, we are hopeful that with our continued work, we will continue to find, support, and unite Community Connectors who can foster positive change in Hammonton, NJ. We invite you to reach out to us to partner with the Community Connectors program and follow our progress on social media.

Top photo: With help from artist David Hasbury, the Hammonton community was able to come together and share ideas. Next photo: Hammonton residents and community leaders come together at a mixer hosted by the Hammonton Health Coalition and Allies in Caring. 

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Ivette Guillermo-McGahee
Allies in Caring