Increasing Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Within Freehold

NJHI 2016: Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey – Communities Moving to Action, Round 2 Neighborhood Connections to Health

The Neighborhood Connections to Health Bikeability/Walkability subgroup has been making great strides to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians in Freehold Borough. We plan to improve access to downtown Freehold by promoting better walkability and bikeability through enhanced sidewalks and street crossings. Currently, the group is working on getting new bike racks approved to be placed at specific locations within Freehold Borough. To identify these locations, the committee walked around town to find areas that needed a bike rack or additional ones. On Main Street, decorative bike racks are being proposed to help increase exposure for downtown Freehold. The installation of new bike racks, will require new signage to promote biking in downtown Freehold. The new signs for the area could read “bike parking’ or “share the road,” and will be installed around downtown Freehold.

On Main Street, decorative bike racks are being proposed to help increase exposure for downtown Freehold.

Our work group is also exploring possible support through a Safe Routes To School grant in 2020. The coalition partners have been using New Jersey Safe Routes to School’s online survey for parents of Freehold Borough students. This survey allows us to gather information on the different ways children travel to school, and to identify problem areas during their commute to school. We are also developing a crossing guards’ survey to gain greater insight for children’s day-to-day travel experiences. We are also conducting a walkability audit regarding safe routes to school. Small groups were assigned different routes and asked to note any positive or negative observations along their routes. This audit will help us see which locations in Freehold need improvement for walkers and bicyclists.

We are excited to see just how much we are able to increase bike and walking safety within Freehold Borough!

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Francesca Denbigh
Neighborhood Connections To Health