Live Healthy Salem County Awards Funding That Reflects Community Input

NJHI 2015: Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey – Communities Moving to Action Live Healthy Salem County

The Live Healthy Salem County coalition has awarded funding to five organizations that serve Salem city residents. Each grant supports a non-profit organization’s work to build partnerships with community members and engage individuals and local community groups by soliciting their input.

We developed the grant program to address the concerns Salem residents shared with our Community Engagement committee during listening sessions we held throughout the summer of 2019. The grant recipients are listed below with a brief description of their programs. The grantees have begun raising awareness of and promoting their projects to garner enthusiasm. One grantee is proceeding with its work while adhering to COVID-19 precautions, while others are developing creative ways to move forward safely with regard to COVID-19.

Live Healthy Salem County Mini-Grant Recipients

  • Stand Up for Salem – Stand Up for Salem will use its funding to institute a three-hour Play Streets program in Salem City once a month from July through October.
  • Outreach Center of Faith Community Church – The Outreach Center of Faith Community Church will focus its funding on establishing community programs around a choir and dance team in addition to providing art and music classes.
  • The Huddle of South Jersey – The Huddle plans to use its grant to serve 50 young men ages 11-15 years old through a mentorship and leadership program.
  • Lighthouse Ministry, Inc. – Lighthouse Ministry, Inc. runs the Olive Street Community Garden and plans to use its funding to establish poultry farming in the city. The ultimate goal will be to have the city ordinance changed to allow homeowners to raise chickens.

To learn more about these grant awards and our coalition’s work to build a healthier community, reach out to our project director and follow us on Facebook.

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Brenda Goins
Salem Health and Wellness Foundation