Mobilizing Resident Street Captains for Neighborhood Revitalization

NJHI 2015: Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey – Communities Moving to Action Building a Culture of Health in Census Tract 435

The Morristown United for Healthy Living (MUHL) Coalition is actively recruiting Street Captains for Census Tract 435.  By implementing this community organizing strategy, the Coalition seeks to mobilize at least one resident from most of the 27 streets in the census tract to participate in our neighborhood revitalization efforts.

The goal of this new strategy is two-fold. Street Captains will spread awareness of the MUHL coalition and our work, including our new Home Repair Initiative, among their neighbors. Street Captains will also gather input from their fellow residents to help identify needs and possible solutions for improving the safety and condition of homes within their neighborhood.

Deploying Street Captains to work alongside our partners, Morris Habitat for Humanity and Wind of the Spirit, will help ensure that a broad range of residents will be reached and benefit from our neighborhood revitalization initiatives. The Street Captains will receive training, attend Town Council meetings, and act as liaisons between the residents and the MUHL Coalition. The Street Captain project is being funded through the Morristown United mini-grant program.

Maria Vargas, MUHL Community Organizer, is recruiting members of the community to become Street Captains. “Several residents have already signed on to serve as Captains for their streets,” she said. “We are looking forward to bringing more residents into the work of the Coalition, and hope this project will help us reach residents we have not been able to engage yet.”

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Catherine Connelly
North Jersey Health Collaborative