My Trip to Philadelphia

NJHI 2017: Next Generation Community Leaders Next Gen Leaders
(l.r. Stephanie, Mario, Cookie, Gabe, and me–in the glasses)

My Trip to Philadelphia

My trip to the spring Next Generation Community Leaders retreat was like a vacation away from home, work, and school. Visiting Camden and Philadelphia with my Bridgeton teammates was very enjoyable in many ways, and for many reasons; most of all, we were able to relax, get to know each other, and learn something new.

To begin with, our weekend trip to Rutgers University in Camden started at 7:30 am, and was busy with moving our luggage to the dorms, presentations, workshops and walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge. I was very nervous about walking across the bridge, but once I made it to the other side, I was glad I did it.

While in Philadelphia, we stopped and had Philly cheesesteaks and went on a bus tour through Philadelphia’s Center City district and the art museum area. It was very educational, but also funny thanks to our tour guide, Warren.

The main thing I’ve learned is that it takes more than one person to make a change or difference.

This retreat gave Bridgeton’s Next Generation Community Leaders an opportunity to spend time with each other and with youth from other cities. This gave all of the teams a chance to get to know each other and hear about issues youth from communities around NJ are facing. Working with the Perth Amboy team taught me that every city has its own problems…it’s not just Bridgeton. Poverty is everywhere, and every city has its flaws, but it takes the right people to get involved and make their city and home a better place for them to live. The main thing I’ve learned is that it takes more than one person to make a change or difference, which is why I am glad to be a part of Bridgeton’s Next Generation Community Leaders.

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Alazea Rivera (age 14)
Bridgeton's Next Generation of Community Leaders