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Shared Beliefs through Visual Exploration
November 17, 2016 / Neighborhood Connections to Health

Greater Freehold is ready to go! Recently, we had a meeting where members invited a buddy so we could begin expanding our core membership. We initiated the meeting with a visual exploration exercise, which surprisingly, emotionally engaged the entire group. It was incredible.

We have included a picture that seemed to really resonate with everyone and we are excited to continue to use the new skills that we have learned from the Spanning Boundary Leadership training, developed by the Center for Creative Leadership.

The best news that we wish to share is our recent decision on a new name for our group.  We had struggled with this for several months and nothing seemed to inspire us.  Then one day, the Universe spoke! NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS TO HEALTH.  We believe that this name will resonate with our diverse community, and hints to what we hope will bring a fractured group of community services together.  How we do that, is yet to be determined!  We are in this for the long haul.The Greater Freehold Coalition- Neighborhood Connections to Health- uses visual exploration to discuss perceptions about our community

Margaret Jahn
Neighborhood Connections to Health