Vamos Flemington!

NJHI 2016: Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey – Communities Moving to Action, Round 2 Motivating Culture Change for a Healthier Tomorrow

The United Way of Hunterdon County, the Flemington Community Partnership, and dozens of local businesses and organizations have joined forces to give area residents “easy, free and accessible” ways to get fit.

“Vamos Flemington–Let’s Get Healthy!” is a new, weeklong and town-wide health campaign designed for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels to participate.

The weeklong series of events kicked off with the Vamos Flemington Health Fair in Spring 2019. The street fair welcomed 300 people who took part in free health screenings, interactive games for adults and children, and free healthy snacks. Partnership for Health members were on hand to talk about the “benefits of family meals” and preventive health.

In the week that followed, the public was invited to track and earn points for their healthy activities. Points could be earned for activities like walking or bicycling, and by participating in one or more of the dozens of free activities offered by Flemington businesses, such as yoga, barre and pilates classes, essential oil workshops, massage and acupuncture.

Eric Eisenhart, owner of ProActivity, the corporate community partner responsible for designing the “Vamos Flemington–Let’s Get Healthy!” health campaign, is pleased with the enthusiastic response to the challenge in its first year. There were 69 participants who logged an average of 423 movement or physical activity minutes for the week, which is nearly three times greater than the general recommendation of 150 minutes per week. The Health Week Challenge culminated in a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta where prizes and awards were distributed. April is the National Minority and Multicultural Health month and a grant from the NJ Department of Health Office of Minority and Multicultural Health helped support the Health Fair. According to Bonnie Duncan, CEO of United Way of Hunterdon County, “Vamos Flemington is designed to welcome all members of the community to take advantage of incredible local health resources, and to celebrate our individual and collective achievements as well as our cultural diversity at our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.” Duncan added that embracing the cultural diversity of a community contributes to the collective health of that community.

The United Way of Hunterdon County is a proud member of the Partnership for Health. To learn more visit: #SmallChangesBigImpact

Photo: During the Vamos Flemington! event in Spring 2019, attendees participate in a chair yoga session at the Hunterdon County United Way, 
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Kim Blanda, RN, BSN
Hunterdon Healthcare, Hunterdon Partnership for Health